Feb 6, 2015

I have a new blog :: www.BhaktiCreative.com

I have a new blog at www.bhakticreative.com!

Follow me over there if you'd like :)

Or anywhere here:
Bhakti Creative, my new online home (recommended!)

BOHOpage, my Etsy shop/boho inspiration page


Apr 18, 2013

New dresses and skirts in the shop!

I've been super busy lately - therefore not much posting here. I started Instagram though, and it's kind of like speedblogging for me ;) My account name is Omwoods, you can connect with me there if you'd like! These are dresses and skirts I posted up on Etsy recently - check them out here! And here's the rest of the shop of course, I added new vintage dresses too: BOHOpage.

Much love! xoxo

Mar 20, 2013

Recent Creativenessityvity :: Namarie, Farewell

Here's a dress I'm making! Almost done. I have a bunch more skirts I've done and am planning a photo shoot in the near future, will then list on Etsy. I'm mainly making these for others because whenever I wear layered skirts and dresses that I make up, people always compliment and ask where I bought them... So, now I can say, here, in my faery shop :) 

Poor, helpful Sponge Bob!

Another creative fun is this Neptunian person that appeared on this golden canvas (the painting is not finished yet though). Next to her is a page from an old Lord of the Rings book, with an elven Farewell song on it. Farewell is namarie in Elvish. On this day, in 2009, we said farewell to my dad and he's been on my mind a lot. Here he is, at one of his favorite nature spots, in Finland, in the town where I'm from.

Right now I'm staying happy and blasting Ramones - which is something he used to do, and I know my mom is doing the same thing tonight at home in Finland :) 


Mar 3, 2013

Evil Eye bracelet give-away on BOHOpage

I wanted to let you know that I'm running a give-away on Facebook. Winner will be randomly chosen on Wednesday 6th. All you need to do is like this pic on FB, and leave a comment. YAY! Quite a pretty pink evil eye bracelet, to decorate your pretty wrist, and to ward off negative energy.

I had fun today, taking photos of some dresses that will go up in the shop soon. One of them was this fancy, sparkly ice skater girl's dress that made me bust out some serious gymnastics moves :)

Have a fun Monday!! Why not right!!? <3

Feb 28, 2013

Snowy Mountain Photo Shoot :: Vintage White Dresses

Last weekend Daniel and I went up to Mt Charleston here in Nevada to shoot some white vintage dresses for BOHOpage with Ashley.

More photos of the shoot on my Facebook, here.