Mar 30, 2010

At the Edge of the Universe

Had a date with my hubby at the Niagara Falls last weekend. I brought my hoop and this is what happened. The Falls were gorgeous but the atmosphere in the area was kind of screwed up with everybody making money off them. Niagara Falls means Thundering Waters and are sacred for the Iroquois people. They used to decorate a maiden with flowers, put her in a white canoe and sacrifice her to the Falls every year to seek the blessings of the Water Spirit.

Walk lightly in the spring;
Mother Earth is pregnant
Kiowa proverb

Mar 27, 2010

You Are Always Loved Dollar

This little message found its way to me. A sweet little reminder. I think I am loved more than I know. Not to sound arrogant. But there is a force that gives me this air to breathe, opens my eyes in the morning and keeps the planets afloat. And provides food to eat. I just had Good Karma Carrot Cake Rice Dream vegan ice cream for the first time, and I kid you not, I'm going to have it again. Actually, I already had it again! I'm sitting at Wegman's cafe, doing stuff online, and I had to go and get another one of their Dreams. One of those days. You are always loved. And I feel it's my place to love back, try to love the Source of all a little bit. At least be grateful.

Last summer I talked with a Native Indian guy who told me about their practice of gratitude. They gather together daily and everyone announces things they are grateful for. This is huge. At one point I listed 10 things every night that I was grateful for. It just immediately transforms your attitude. Best thing is to tell the things to someone else, and second best to just say them out loud to yourself. It can be 5 things, or even 3. But every day they have to be different things. Try it, you'll like it!

Hmm I'm still thinking, what would my money message be. What would you write on your dollar bill? Or euro?