May 19, 2010

Self-sustainable Friends

We just had lunch at my friends' place in North Carolina. Citra and Mathura built their house mainly out of hay, mud and cow dung. Their son Deva, who turned 3 recently, rides his own horse, naturally without a saddle, and runs around in the fields with goats and cows, barefoot. They do organic farming and take loving, vegetarian care of their animals. I say vegetarian to stress the point that they do not support the slaughter industry in any way, quite the opposite. This a little calf was born less than a week ago, isn't she CUTE?! And lucky, to be born here where she will not be killed or fed crap.

Deva is surprised to hear that I can't ride a horse (as far as I know, never tried it). You can see a glimpse of their house in the background. They have two solar panels for the little electricity that they use.

They make their own sugar, here Citra is pressing juice from sugar cane.

Horses at dawn. Yep, if I didn't travel around and do what I do, I would be right here growing veggies and living happily ever after, milking a cow.

“It is by ignorance that people think that by opening factories they will be happy. Why should they open factories? There is no need. There is so much land, and one can produce one's own food grains and eat sumptuously without any factory. Milk is also available without a factory. The factory cannot produce milk or grains. The present scarcity of food in the world is largely due to such factories. When everyone is working in the city to produce nuts and bolts, who will produce food grains? Simple living and high thinking is the solution to economic problems.” A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Edit: I had to add one more pic I took right before we left. This enthusiastic Goat has a very innovative anti-escape mechanism attached to the horns - just the right size to keep him (her?) from squeezing through the main fence.

May 4, 2010

I Simply Love

You left me vitalized, left me blessed.
Hey you, you got me obsessed!
I'll take you home and you will cater
As I undress you, layer by layer.
Taste so fresh, you are off the charts!
I simply love romaine lettuce hearts!