Oct 31, 2010

Surrealistic Fiesta in Helsinki

I went here last night and met some Finnish friends I haven't seen in ages! Susanna had an art installation here in a room full of her paintings and art. This work was my favorite:

This DJ played the most eccentric collection of music I've ever heard in my life. They didn't call it a surrealistic party for nothing :)

Here Susanna takes her painting skill on a gentleman with a tail.

She painted me too, with an earthy feel:

Nitai and Olli, our sweet hitchhikers from Turku.

The place was decorated beautifully. 

We went upstairs and chilled out on the couches, played guitar, drummed on papercups, and sang the Hare Krishna mantra, Bob Marley, hilarious blues with improvised lyrics, grunge-kirtan and whatnot. Downstairs they had a meditative performance going on.

Today is my last day in Finland. And it's been delightful so far! We had a rocking hoop jam with Marianne, Jenni and Kaisu earlier and now it's evening and I'm sitting by the fireplace and singing with Kaisu and Mani. We recorded some of it, I'll put it up here later. It sounds pretty fairyish let me tell you :)

Oct 26, 2010

New Hairfalls

I made some new hairfalls that I will post soon to my Etsy shop. Kaisu took these pics of me on the backyard, modeling them :) Dressing up is a lot of fun, too bad Kaisu got slightly pissed off at me at times for being so bossy all the time. I guess I don't easily notice how bossy I am because I'm always with my hubby who's that way too. And then we just think it's normal to boss everyone around or something! So which one of these is your favorite, as far as the falls go?

Oct 22, 2010

Marianne Sunshine

I was hanging out yesterday with Marianne. This girl is a total sunshine, now look at her:

Recently we had a hoop jam in Helsinki for the World Hoop Day and recorded a video of us all doing "the official" WHD choreography. You can check it out here. I think it was Marianne's idea to bring the beautiful yellow leaves to our hooping spot. I don't know who took the above photo but the following ones from the park were taken by Noora or some other hooper there, I forget. Credit where the credit is due :)

And here's the whole crew:

This is how it's done yeah!

I made her a new hoop and she gave me these pink and colorful dreads that she made herself. Aren't they cute?!?

Ok everybody, have a great weekend! I have some exciting plans for tonight, will tell you guys later what happened :)

PS. Marianne has a blog at www.mariannesisko.blogspot.com, but it's in Finnish so you non-fairy-Finnish-speakers can check out the photos :D

Oct 20, 2010

Buddy Bears Hoop Video

Here's the video I promised to make on last Sunday's post, with me and Kaisu hooping at the Senate Square in Helsinki. Among all the colorful Buddy Bears :) Music is More Love Interlude by Brother Resistance and The Height of Light by Jah Sun.

Oct 19, 2010

My Top University Accident

Here is a project I made for one of the very top universities in Finland, Aalto University.

I didn't make the shoe, but I did make the shoe box. Now I am simply waiting for my doctoral degree to drop from the skies. I am not even enrolled, only my sister is, who studies textile arts there. But I'm sure if I just wait around, a degree will fall onto my arms. After all, that's how the universe started in the first place - accidentally, things just banged. Following this logic, surely I'll get my PhD accidentally as well.

LOL. Isn't it that we never live as if things happen by accident. If someone does live in that mentality, they will be considered nuts. Our minds are constantly making plans how to achieve something in the future. So how can anyone make sense out of the theory that the universe started 'by accident' when Nothing Else in this universe adheres to that logic, but is quite the opposite instead? Just some thoughts that came into my head as I was helping my sister with her class project.

So what do you think of my academic debut in the form of this fabulously simplistic mod-vintage-shoe box? Or the accident vs. intelligence discussion?

Oct 17, 2010

Checking Out the Buddy Bears in Helsinki

142 United Buddy Bears stand in a peaceful circle and hold hands in downtown Helsinki. They are on a global tour, spreading the message of tolerance and understanding among different nations, cultures and religions. Each one has been uniquely painted by artists from all over the world to represent all the different countries recognized by the United Nations. (Interestingly and surprisingly enough, they also recognize Palestine as its own country as I saw a Palestine bear as well.) These bears are beautiful. I went to check them out today with my mom and sister Kaisu. After all it was my mom's birthday :)

And the Most Psychedelic Head Award goes to...

Chile! I smell Alex Grey, LOL! And the Best Bear Belly Award goes to...

Irak! Speaking of Irak, the USA bear was pretty lame, just a replica of the Statue of Liberty. I won't even bother to put a pic up here because it lacked creativity so much so it's depressing.

What impressed me was the Italy bear. It's the tripped out bear right here next to the more serious Israel one. Doesn't that Italy bear remind you of the Grateful Dead dancing bear or what (on the right)?!

The birthday girl, my mom Heini, wearing Gudrun Sjöden, with the Respect bear:

Kaisu did my hair very innovatively and gorgeously:

As you can see, I brought my hoop. We took some video of us hooping there as well, when I get a chance I'll post a little video of our bear hooping sessions. Here's Kaisu in the spin:

Here's the hoop-off. My dance weapon is, ahem, invisible:

What a fun day. Later we went to the Krishna temple for kirtan and dinner. I must say it was delightful to see something like this - a massive, global and artistic effort for something good: tolerance and unity. As Srila Prabhupada, my spiritual master says, we need to see "unity in diversity". If you're in Helsinki, go see these bears at Senaatintori. They will leave Finland on October 26.

Oct 13, 2010

Magnetic Fridge Poetry

Here in Finland my mom has two sets of word magnets, both in Finnish and English, on the fridge door. This morning I took a few pics of my favorite creations. The above haiku-ish frustration came from me like two years ago, and it's still intact on the fridge :)

The following is also by me. My mom first thought it was about my relationship with my husband.

Actually, it's coming from a dog's perspective. There are two dogs running around the house, Rebel and Sara the Foxy Lady, and they directly inspired this one. I'm using the word 'breast' because there was no 'best' available. Good enough, no?

'loony miss fingers a pie
beloved sweet must be eaten
today a burp
but she jumps then
when belly is thick'

This last one is either by my sister Kaisu, or my mom. Probably Kaisu. She loves honey :) Have you ever tried magnetic poetry? Here you can try it online. Please post some of your creations in the comments!

Oct 9, 2010

My Teenage Poetry Project with a Hooping Omen

I was going through my old stuff here in Finland and found an old high school poetry project, along with some photos and drawings. This is the cover of my poem collection, it just says "Poems", and a few nostalgic pics I came across:

I made the poems in the following pic by circling out cool words and phrases in our math book, to form a poem when you read only the circled words of one page. Needless to say my math grades were incredibly low, if I happened to pass the courses at all. But my Finnish class was consistently A+, LOL!

Do you see that cosmic love hooper in the middle?!?! Now this was very early 2000's, I was 17 or something here, and had never even heard of hoopdance, what to speak of seeing it. What an omen! Maybe I should make this my hooping logo or something? :)

A more recent funny little thing I wrote:

"Hoop like no one's watching,
Hoop right from the heart.
Twirl and spin! Without, within!
Hoop from star to star!"

Oct 5, 2010

Jouhikko Chanting

I arrived in Finland this morning. I haven't slept in 32 hours now, it's 10pm and I'm wide awake... Jetlag issues... Anyhow, we were just hanging out and singing with my sister Kaisu. She's a self-taught jouhikko player and she made the kantele below at the Rainbow Gathering this summer. (Jouhikko and kantele are both ancient Finnish string instruments.) She just took a piece of wood and carved that beautiful, functioning piece of art out of it.

Also she painted the painting on the wall. She's pretty handy wouldn't you say? Enjoy the video, we had a lot of fun chanting, I just recorded a part of it.