Aug 28, 2011

We Survived Hurricane Irene :: and were prepared too

First of all, my sympathy goes to people who were/are negatively affected by the hurricane. But in my neighborhood everything is fine, it just rained a lot. However, my roommate Lex suggested that like good citizens, we go through the check list given on TV news, emergency agencies, radio, newspapers and internet to make sure we are properly prepared for Irene.

Fill a bathtub with water - CHECK

Get cash and important documents - CHECK

Get blankets/pillows - CHECK

Get fully charged phones - CHECK

Get toiletries - CHECK (?)

Keep a tool set with you during the storm - CHECK

Get toys, books and games - CHECK

How was your hurricane experience? I know it must have been worse for my mom in Finland than for me here since the news around the world really painted a doomy prediction of it. But at least in South Philadelphia, all is well, and was the whole time. Thankfully.


mikaela writes said...

you were in my thoughts through the hurricane. also those pictures are just hilarious<3

Heini said...

You make me laugh again!
Good to see you are allright!
Hugs from Mom

spin gypsy said...

The media produces ficticious views of these natural "disasters" long before they even know what wil happen. I think it is all a conspiracy. Think about it; when people get scared what do they do? Spend money of course!! They go out and purchase all of those things on those check lists, they purchase gas, they buy things they will never use, they waste precious materials, and well you get the picture. They did the same thing in Virginia that is a good example. Before I moved to Alaska, we had this storm that brought hellacious tornados to our area which was really uncommon. The tornados left behind a path of destruction, leaving hundreds of people shelterless and without anything. After that, on the weather, all of a sudden these red swirly icons began to pop up during the weather cast. Pretty much to signify "swirling pockets of air which could result in more tornados." It was completely bogus, mind control. Because scared, sick, poor, and stupid citizens are more likely to give their government complete control. That is all in pretty much in corrulation with that whole "What are They Spraying" conspiracy.

Oh, and the pics, hilarious. You look liked you had a lot of fun at least!!