Mar 28, 2011

'Report Suspicious Activity' Signs on Highways

What creates and feeds paranoia, fear, stress, lynch-mentality, prejudice, anxiety and over-all negativity better than another lame US 'security' campaign?

I went through some pics I took two months ago and found these. These signs were up for months all over the highways in the Maryland/Washington DC area, maybe they still are. Sometimes the last four digits of the phone number are substituted with their corresponding letters: TIPS. (800-492-TIPS)

I've heard about Nazi-Germany's 'report-a-Jew' program. This reminds me of it.

"Honey, I don't like the new neighbors."
"Oh really, why?"
"I dunno, I just don't like them. I'm going to report them for something."
"Ok, that should get them out of the neighborhood."

Anyhow, I shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Otherwise I'm no better than, like, the book. So I figured I'll call them and ask what's up. But they will ask for your name, address, phone number, and I just don't want to volunteer any of that...

If you google the phenomena, the search suggestions come up pretty aptly:

Yeah it looks like we the people do not want this tyranny bullsh*t. What's next, I wonder? 

On that note, I almost fell of my chair when I just found out that Bonnaroo, the famous big huge music festival in Tennessee every summer with 100 000 people camping out for 4 days and nights, will introduce a new policy this year: all their wristbands will have RFID chips in them. (I talked about this type of stuff before in the post on how to destroy the chip in the driver's license) I'm just not a fan of this chipping business.

Boo! Coachella festival in California will have chips in their wristbands too, as well as Austin City Limits (as in the picture above). Well I think I'm done whining now.

Mar 24, 2011

LSD vs. Kirtan

I came across this interesting and kind of amusingly delightful talk from 1969 about LSD and kirtan, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and the poet Allen Ginsberg. (I assume you've heard of LSD before, kirtan is Sanskrit for devotional music/chanting of mantras.) Towards the end they go a bit deeper into the topic of spiritual sound and what is it that makes meditation transcendental.
Allen: Do you remember a man named Richard Alpert?
Prabhupada: No.
Allen: He used to work with Timothy Leary in Harvard many years ago. Then he worked in India and found a teacher and is now a disciple of Hanumanji, a devotee of Hanuman. We were talking about maya [illusion] and the present condition of America and he said that his teacher in India told him that LSD was a Christ of the Kali-Yuga [the current age, 'Age of Quarrel'] for Westerners in that as the Kali-Yuga got thicker and thicker that also salvation would have to be easier and easier and --
Prabhupada: That is a very nice testament, that in the Kali-Yuga salvation is very easier. That is the version of Srimad-Bhagavatam [a Vedic text] also. But that process is this kirtan, not LSD.
Allen: Well, the reasoning there was that for those who would only accept salvation in purely material form, in chemical form finally, completely material form, Krishna had the humor to emerge as a pill.
Prabhupada: The thing is that when it is material form, then where is the salvation? It is illusion.
Allen: The subjective affect is to cut out attachment. During the --
Prabhupada: If you have attachment for something material, then where is this cutting attachment? LSD is a material chemical. So if you have to take shelter of LSD, then you take help from matter. So how are you free from matter?
Allen: The subjective experience is that while in the state of intoxication of LSD, you realize that LSD is a material pill, and that it does not really matter.
Prabhupada: That is risky. That is risky.
Allen: So, if LSD is a material attachment, which it is, I think, then is not the sound, the sabda [sound vibration], also a material attachment?
Prabhupada: No. Sabda is spiritual. Originally, just like in Bible it is said, "Let there be creation." This is sound. This is spiritual sound. Creation was not there. The sound produced the creation. Therefore sound is originally spiritual. And from sound, sky developed, from sky air developed, from air fire developed, from fire water developed, from water land developed.
Allen: Sound is the first element?
Prabhupada: Yes.
Allen: What was the first sound, traditionally?
Prabhupada: The Vedas say OM. So, at least we can understand from your Bible that God said, "Let there be creation," so this is sound, and there is creation. God and His sound are nondifferent ... Absolute. I say, "Mr. Ginsberg." This sound and you are a little different. But God is not different from His energy. Sakti saktimatorabheda. Shakti [energy] and shaktimat [the energetic] are nondifferent. Just like fire and heat. They are nondifferent, but heat is not fire. You cannot differentiate heat from fire or fire from heat. But fire is not heat.

Chanting in a group, definition of kirtan! Soulful peeps from NYC, photo by William Covintree.
Allen: Well, the sound Krishna --
Prabhupada: Yes, is not different from Krishna.
Allen: Under all circumstances?
Prabhupada: All circumstances, yes. But it is a question of my appreciation, of my realization. That depends on my purity. Otherwise this Krishna sound and Krishna are nondifferent. Therefore, if we vibrate the sound Krishna, then immediately we are in contact with Krishna, and Krishna is pure spirit and immediately I become spiritualized, just like if you touch electricity, immediately you are electrified. And the more you become electrified, the more you become Krishnized. So when you are fully Krishnized, then you are on the Krishna platform. Tvaktadeham punarjanma naiti mameti kaunteya. Then when you are fully Krishnized, you no more come back to this material existence. You remain with Krishna. The impersonalists say "merging." That is less intelligent. Merging does not mean losing individuality. Just like a green bird enters a green tree. It appears to be merging, but the bird has not lost his individuality. There is still individuality.

Mar 23, 2011

:: everything always is, always was, always will be alright ::

Pic by Kyle Kline
More footage from Tennessee! We spent less than a week there but had an awesome time and I made a bunch of new friends ❤ I filmed a little bit of the hoop action that was going down on Friday at the MTSU campus, here's the video!
Courtney runs the hoop club that gets together every Tuesday and Friday. If you're ever in the area, do go dance with them! I was positively surprised to see so many guy hoopers there too. It's about time! Well Murfreesboro is clearly pioneering in overall radness and chillness. I've never seen SO MANY hoopers, skateboarders, dreadlocks, trick bikers (I'm sure there's a more accurate name to call them) and various hanger outers playing all types of musical instruments at a university campus in the USA before. That must tell you something :D

PS. I couldn't upload anything on YouTube today, it was working way slow, so let's see how this works (embedded from Facebook, never done this before). Maybe click on the 'HQ' for better quality.

Mar 21, 2011

Remembering My Dad

Today it has been 2 years since my dad passed away. Last night I was watching some old videos of him playing with me and my two younger sisters when we were kids. It was hilarious! But I was balling my eyes out at the same time. I miss him. 

In one of the videos he was holding Kaisu who was maybe 2 years at the time, going through the booklet of a Beatles CD and teaching her the names of the band members. She was trying to get the rolling 'r' down in Ringo, as it's pronounced the Finnish way.

At one of his favorite spots by the lake.
Actually it was my dad who first introduced me to the spiritual books that I have now pretty much dedicated my whole life to - the Vedic wisdom and Krishna books, translated and explained by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. All my teens I read a whole lot of books about philosophy, religions, different spiritual processes, new agy psychological stuff, and just tried to figure out the truth

One day dad came back from the thrift store and handed me a big stack of beautiful books, all Krishna books. He said, "I thought you might like these as you're into Buddhism and all that." Little did he know :) I found all I was looking for in those books, and so much more that I didn't even realize to look for. And I keep finding new things and seeing new lights all the time as I go on reading and practicing.

One of the last pics of us together.
There are so many reasons I'm grateful for my dad. I'm just sending lots of love today his way, and to my mom and sisters.

Mar 18, 2011

Hooping It Up Down in Tennessee

We've been in Tennessee for the past few days, hanging out at the university in Murfreesboro. I brought out my harmonium every day and just sat on the quad in front of the library and chanted, people came by, picked up magazines and books and signed up for the newsletter
I met tons of cool people here - including so many hoopers too! Today I'm going to their hoop club jam. We already hooped together yesterday and the day before and a bunch of students came by taking pictures. Here's a few that our hoopy paparazzi Kyle Kline took of moi :P

And yes, I totally burnt my skin yesterday. I was kind of hoping to get some color on it before I go to Finland in April so I can parade around like a real Americanized tanfaced Finglish speaking immigrant should. If only the color wasn't pink :D

Mar 15, 2011

I'm So Pretty When I Do Yoga

I found two drawings I made a while ago of some vain, winged, fairy rabbit yoginis :)

Mar 10, 2011

Bob Dylan Says Any Idiot Can Write A Song

...and it comforts me as that's what I sometimes enjoy doing :) I was reading a book of interviews with songwriters like Neil Young, Paul Simon, Alanis Morissette, Madonna even. And what Bob said really struck me the most.

Dylan: The world don't need any more songs.
Interviewer: You don't think so?
Dylan: No. They've got enough. They've got way too many. As a matter of fact, if nobody wrote any songs from this day on, the world ain't gonna suffer for it. Nobody cares. There's enough songs for people to listen to, if they want to listen to songs. … Unless someone's gonna come along with a pure heart and has something to say. That's a different story. ...But as far as songwriting, any idiot could do it. If you see me do it, any idiot could do it. [Laughs] It's just not that difficult of a thing. Everybody writes a song just like everybody's got that one great novel in them.

Bob Dylan with George Harrison, another favorite of mine. 
Then they went on to have a conversation about how some claim that Jim Morrison is still alive and, according to Dylan, perhaps "riding a donkey on the Andees".

Interviewer: People have a hard time believing that Shakespeare really wrote all of his work because there is so much of it. Do you have a hard time accepting that?
Dylan: People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them.

Mar 8, 2011

Collage I Made of Things That I Love

I made this collage for the IHEART Project. Micaela from The Drifter and the Gypsy will make an e-book that contains a whole bunch more of these from people who signed up for her project. The topic was simple: IHEART - things that you love, or, heart.

So as you can see I tried to fit all types of aspects of my heartingfulness into this. You'll see a hooper chick, if you look closely. And of course, some compulsory fairy magic, a passage from the Bhagavad-gita, dance, meditation, Earth, and some pretty things, etc. Just click on it and you'll see it bigger.

Oh and yes, I heart YOU too :)

My beloved husband (who just happened to call me as I took this pic) dumpsterdived me 10 brand new lipsticks recently. So I've been experimenting today. I'm actually wearing skinny jeans, and a gray shirt I found somewhere, and that's it. In other words, I'm wearing normal clothes. It feels so strange. It feels like I'm wearing a costume. No fairyish nothing. Not even legwarmers of any kind. Just totally normal and boring and it's kind of exciting. I feel like an undercover. Not really sure undercover what though.

Mar 6, 2011

The Fairiest Nature Art You'll Ever See

Sally J. Smith makes most magical nature art. I first saw photos of her fairy houses in a calendar on my friend's kitchen wall. In her blog Sally describes how one day she had 45 minutes free time after running her errands. She decided to go out in the freezing upstate NY evening and make some art with ice,

"Sometimes you only have a few free moments... the important thing is, what are we going to do with those moments?"
Here are more pictures of her creations. 

Jupiter, Venus and the New Moon in a stem planetcatcher :) 

After looking at these I feel super inspired to go out to a forest or park and DO SOMETHING! Something pretty and heartfelt! And play like a kid! Don't you feel it too?!

Nature Fairy Goes Gangsta

Yo check this out. My fairy sister Kaisu goes gangsta. She says, "This they can't outlaw!"

Mar 3, 2011

Shiva the Auspicious One ::: om namah shivaya

Today is Shiva-ratri, a special day to remember Shiva. In the Vaishnava tradition, which is what I'm into, Shiva is appreciated as one of the foremost devotees of Vishnu or Krishna.

Shiva has many names but one of them (and my favorite) is Nataraja, the cosmic dancer. Literally nataraja means 'the king of dance'. Under the supervision and maintenance of Vishnu, Brahma cyclically creates the material universe and Shiva destroys it. That is Shiva's service, kind of a thankless task I guess.

"Wearing matted locks of disheveled hair, and eager to conceal his actual nature, he staggers about like a madman. On his head he happily carries the Ganges, which has washed the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. When he dances he destroys the universe." Brihad-Bhagavatamrita 

Yes, the Ganges actually flows from the galaxy first down on Shiva's head, who is situated in the Himalayas, and only then down on earth. Because of this Shiva is the greatest yogi, in constant meditation on Krishna.

Another name of Shiva is Asutosha, 'easily pacified'. This means that Shiva also gets angry easily. That's why worshiping Shiva can be tricky business. Better be careful if that's what you want to do! :) 

He is also known as Bhutanatha, 'the lord of ghosts'. This shows Shiva's super compassionate nature. In case you didn't know, ghosts are real. There are people whose activities were so ignorant and degraded that after death they do not karmically qualify for another human body, so they stick around. Not in their physical bodies obviously, but disembodied, or in their "astral" body. Shiva sees the sad situation of the ghostly individuals and allows them to worship him so they can be gradually guided toward a path of self-realization. He's kind to the ghosts and eventually places them in human wombs. (As a side note, before you make babies, make a prayer or two to have a nice soul be placed into you/your lady's womb.)


Shiva apparently lives in the mode of ignorance like his companions (covers his body with ashes, wears animal skins) but inside he's on the highest platform of goodness. That's why he's bewildering to the mundane and inspiring to the transcendentalist. 

Shiva is also known for ganja smoking (ganja is Sanskrit for cannabis). My spiritual master A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada once said that it's not our place to imitate Shiva though and smoke pot like him unless we can do other things Shiva does, such as drink an entire ocean of poison. (Hear the story of Shiva and poison)

Shiva lives on the Kailash mountain. There is a beautiful description of it in the 4th canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam, beginning here

"There are many waterfalls, and in the mountains there are many beautiful caves in which the very beautiful wives of the mystics are found. On Kailash Hill there is always the rhytmical sound of the peacocks' sweet vibrations and the bees' humming. Cuckoos are always singing, and other birds whisper amongst themselves." Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.6.11-12

One more name of Shiva is Rudra. Rudra is a fierce and powerful aspect of Shiva. You can feel Rudra's spirit when you get angry or when it's very windy out. It's the Rudra principle acting. Stormy sea water or blazing fire are also representations of Rudra. (read more about Rudra here)

Shiva and Parvati actually got married on this day. Below Shiva instructs her. I just love that picture. Shiva's feminine energy is also known as Shakti, Durga, Kali and Devi. Shiva's followers (Shaivites) have a clay marking of three horizontal lines on their foreheads like Shiva has here.
Alrighty I think I've told you just about everything I know about Shiva :) If you want, some time today you can chant this mantra for him: om namah shivaya, which means that you're offering him your respects.

Mar 2, 2011

Fairies in the Sunset ::: Fairy Quotes

Beautiful natuRe MaGik faeries from Finland, Ella and Jonsu, in the sunset!

"I think that people who can't believe in fairies 
aren't worth knowing." Tori Amos

"Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom. 
It is as true as sunbeams." Douglas Jerrold
"Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels.
But their magic sparkles in nature." Lynn Holland

"Hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing, 
and bless this place." William Shakespeare

"So I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?" John Lennon

"If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales." Albert Einstein
"Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale." Hans Christian Andersen