Jul 30, 2011

Beings Who Love the Feeling of Magic

My friend Nina with whom I lived many years ago in Finland appeared in the back of my van last night. Legs crossed and smiling, wearing a beautiful and shiny light blue dress, she held three antique dice in her hand. She told me to watch carefully as she threw each, one by one, on the cloth we sat on.

Each dice rolled slowly until the number '1' was facing up. She looked at me smilingly, then grabbed all the dice and rolled them again. Again, number one, on all three of them. One, one, one.

She giggled and smiled warmly. She told me that she's not trying to impress me or anyone else. She said the trick itself is insignificant. What matters is the atmosphere of magic that surrounds her when she does such things.
"I just like to feel magic around me."

Like Nina in this dream of mine, I love to feel surrounded by mystical warmth, vision and a kind of cosmic playfulness too. Sometimes I fall into the deep clarity of it, and sometimes into the unexplainable creative power of it. This is wherefrom I draw my inspirations and the personal strength to dance through this sometimes gnarly world.

When do you feel magic around you? I feel magic when

  • I see dreams that I know hold some special meaning or guidance, like this one with the dice (although I'm not exactly sure of it's full meaning yet)
  • I'm absorbed in meditation, prayer or kirtana (kirtana means playing instruments and singing mantras - my main magic trigger being the Hare Krishna mantra)
  • I get something out that has been bubbling under like a poem, song or a drawing
  • I'm alone in nature
  • I get a realization, philosophical or practical, or both at the same time - it's definitely magical and feels like a gift from above
  • I connect with another person on a deeper level, even if it's just for a few seconds when my eyes meet theirs in a grocery store, or when someone sends me an email that touches me
  • I'm the vehicle that serves another person by connecting them to a magical experience, for example by kirtana

Now I'll stop here - I told you some of mine, let me hear yours! :) Let's pour some Magic on this mousy internet!!

PS. I found the fairy goddess photo of Nina after I saw the dream - she's conveniently wearing light blue, too! The art in this post is all made by her. Look at what she did to her TV! She calls it "TV humiliation". LOVE IT!!

Jul 25, 2011

Cute, Creepy and Psychedelic Art by Mark Ryden

A long time ago I saw a painting by Mark Ryden that just stuck to my brain. His art is really peculiar. It looks like pop art, or something attractive and easy for the eye to look at, but then on a closer look, you see all the creepy and bizarre details. He combines religious symbols, fluffy pets and toys, children and flowers with slabs of meat and pictures of the devil.

His paintings are quite challenging. They make me stop and think about the society we're living in. It's actually true: the dead flesh of animals is neatly sold at supermarkets right next to aisles full of cute, cuddly toys for kids. Little children are fed blood and meat - products of ghastly violence - on spoons that have Disney princesses on them. We hang religious pictures on our wall or wear meditation beads around our neck yet never think of God. Things may look all clean and pink and smily in our western world yet there is a price for everything, price that we don't want to pay or think of. Well I could go on and on about how his art affects me.

I'm curious, what thoughts went through your mind when looking at these paintings?

Jul 23, 2011

Happy Girls Are the Prettiest Girls :: Audrey Hepburn Quotes

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

"It's that wonderful old-fashioned idea that others come first and you come second. This was the whole ethic by which I was brought up. Others matter more than you do, so 'don't fuss, dear; get on with it.'"

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."

"Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me."

"I probably hold the distinction of being one movie star who, by all laws of logic, should never have made it. At each stage of my career, I lacked the experience."

"I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles."

"You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him."

"If I'm honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all."

To top of the Audrey inspired day, here's the card I made with her quote. And this psychedelic Audrey is one of my favorite shirts :)

PS. I heard about the horrible bombing and shooting in Norway today in the news and wrote a post on KrishnaPath related to it.

Jul 19, 2011

OMG Life Changes OMG I'll Live in a House

From the beginning of September I'll be living in Philadelphia at my friend Lex's house. (You might remember Lex from the Acrobatic Yoga post). This means I'll have a real bed to sleep in, a fridge, and a bathroom - after four straight years on the road, living in a van, this is hugely luxurious! :P Philip will keep traveling with an old friend of ours who's a monk and a scientist. He'll be in good hands. I just need a break. So if you're in Philly or nearby, be my friend! Let's hoop! Or hang out! Or both! And have kirtan! And fingerpaint! Play house! Or whatever! And if you're not in the area, come visit!

I'm going to have a wardrobe!! For years I've longed for a closet to hang my skirts and dresses. So I can look at them and go through them and figure out what to wear each day. Hee hee!

None of this means that I don't love to travel and do what I've been doing the whole time on the road -- I absolutely do -- but at the same time there hasn't been the balance I need in the long term. So I'm going for the balance now. And I know some of you might be concerned about me and Philip -- we're as close as we ever were, just taking a different direction.

I am also thus informing my mom Heini who is hiking in Lapland, my sister Minna who's rainbowing it out at the Gathering in the mountains of Italy, and my sister Kaisu who's in Finnish forest milking cows and baking fresh rye breads - I'm not coming home next fall, it's your turn to visit the US since now for once I'll have a room to accommodate you in. Just so you know ;)

Is this how my room will look like?

Jul 16, 2011

My Favorite Bhagavad-gita Quotes

Ok, I have many more favorite Bhagavad-gita quotes but here are a few. Pics are from the past week's Warped Tour shows, kids who were interested in reading Bhagavad-gita and other books we have. (More pics here)

PS. Today while hooping I did something I've never done before - I smacked my face so hard my nose started bleeding. It's bled on and off all day. I feel like a coke addict :P

"As a lamp in a windless place does not waver, so the transcendentalist, whose mind is controlled, remains always steady in his meditation on the transcendent Self." (6.19)

"A man must elevate himself by his own mind, not degrade himself. The mind is the friend of the conditioned soul, and his enemy as well. For him who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends; but for one who has failed to do so, his very mind will be the greatest enemy." (6.5-6)

"A true yogi observes Me in all beings, and also sees every being in Me. Indeed, the self-realized man sees Me everywhere." (6.29)

"O son of Kunti [Arjuna], I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable om in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man." (7.8)

"Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, that state he will attain without fail." (8.6)

"But those who worship Me with devotion, meditating on My transcendental form - to them I carry what they lack and preserve what they have." (9.22)

Jul 9, 2011

Rainwater :: yet another embarrassing song by me

Rainwater by Omwoods

I stick my tongue out
and taste rainwater.
Nothing in this world
is clean or pure.
Nothing of this world
is perfect or pure.

I collect rainwater
in a bucket and a barrel.
Nothing in this world
is without fault.
Nothing of this world
is without some fault.

Yet we try
and act surprised, get surprised.

rain harder.

I pick up a leaf and lift
a beetle floating in a puddle.
Nothing in this world
is what is seems.
Nothing of this world
is what it seems to be.

Dark clouds
there is no rush, touch closer.

rain harder.

No temporary thing
is gonna satisfy your soul,
no matter how you cut it.
It's whacked out.
it's a reflection.
But the arrangement
of this place is perfectly done
and without fault
because its source
is truth.

Lift me,
pick me up.

rain harder.

One rainy day I thought about stuff and wrote this song :) Lifeupdate: Chicago today. Same old crazy Warped Tour schedules. Tomorrow night driving to Shakopee MN, guess MN means Minnesota. Lately loving polypro hooping, the lightness and fastness of it makes me feel like a jedi ninja lightning. When oh when will I have time to make a hoop video. Philip and me made plans for life after Warped: hanging out by the ocean in Oregon, going to Redwoods, mountains, hot springs, driving across USA (yeah for like the fourth time this summer) and taking pictures. I want to take some interesting or beautiful pics but haven't come up with an idea yet (I don't want to take only nature pics). I wish I had some fairy girls in a suitcase that I could pull out at gorgeous locations and take pictures of. Accepting photo ideas!! Accepting suitcase size fairies!

Jul 5, 2011

Warped Sights :: Don't Be a Terrorist

"So... there's a band playing on the Main Stage right now, how long are you gonna talk on the phone..?"

Kiss guy, thumb up right after a score.

She's reading Beyond Birth & Death by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada :D

A delicate tip jar sign from the booth of a ska punk band called The Sheds.

Jul 4, 2011

Warped Styles :: in California

Call me a stalker but I like taking pictures of people. This is at Vans Warped Tour shows yesterday in Mountain View and today in Ventura, California. Actually I have more pics and will post them later when I get the chance. Right now I'm driving to…Kansas?!! From Cali. That's 24 hours. Wish me luck blessings love rainbows star dust fairy dust genie bottles and my little ponies all going 55 miles per hour at the most. Smart & safe driving. As everyone passes me left and right.

These shirts caught my attention as Hanoi Rocks are from Finland. I asked how they found the band and the guy on the right said through his mom.

Can you see the matching heart sunglasses?

Whimsically punk.

Top 4 things that caught my eye in California:
1. Tattoos Everywhere. (yes a tattoo post is pending)
2. People try to avoid plastic water bottles and hang aluminum drinking bottles on their belts, pants and bags, more so than I've seen anywhere else. Awesome.
3. Every other billboard is an advertisement for liposuction or plastic surgery.
4. Surfers! I watched surfers this morning around 5am, I never saw surfers before in my life. In black whole body suits they lie on their boards, flap towards a wave then jump on the board and ride it for 5-8 seconds until they fall in the ocean. Then repeat. And repeat. And repeat :D

The black dots are surfer dudes and dudettes.