Aug 31, 2011

Close-up Photos of Tiny Grains of Sand :: BEAUUUTIFUL!!

I've been busy this week, working at my new job! It's super lovely, I'll take pictures and tell more about it some other time. But among other things the place sells jewelry so my current project is to become knowledgable in gems and stones - learn to tell which one is which, what properties it has, some of its history, what horoscope it's connected with, etc.

So these pictures, brought to my attention by Marianne, naturally caught my eye. These are tiny grains of sand, magnified over 250 times. Professor Gary Greenberg who took the photos said: "It is incredible to think when you are walking on the beach you are standing on these tiny treasures."

This further goes to proof that YES every step here is miraculously WonderFull and the spots in-between are especially so. I have more to say about that but no energy to explain so I'll leave everything to your imagination. Imagination goes well with the following photos :)

Aug 28, 2011

We Survived Hurricane Irene :: and were prepared too

First of all, my sympathy goes to people who were/are negatively affected by the hurricane. But in my neighborhood everything is fine, it just rained a lot. However, my roommate Lex suggested that like good citizens, we go through the check list given on TV news, emergency agencies, radio, newspapers and internet to make sure we are properly prepared for Irene.

Fill a bathtub with water - CHECK

Get cash and important documents - CHECK

Get blankets/pillows - CHECK

Get fully charged phones - CHECK

Get toiletries - CHECK (?)

Keep a tool set with you during the storm - CHECK

Get toys, books and games - CHECK

How was your hurricane experience? I know it must have been worse for my mom in Finland than for me here since the news around the world really painted a doomy prediction of it. But at least in South Philadelphia, all is well, and was the whole time. Thankfully.

Aug 22, 2011

Elven Names :: Super Resource

My dear Finnish forest elf friend Markus has a wondrous name on his Facebook, Markus MaxKuunsäde Rautajalka Karhunpoika = Markus MaxMoonbeam Ironfoot Bear Son. How the name came to be is a tripped out story of maximal lunacy, knee surgery and bear related talks with my sister Minna...

Here are some delightful websites for finding your inner elven name:

A massive list of both male and female first names
Tons of fairy names in alphabetical order and with meaning
More fairy names with meaning
Over 1000 English names translated to Elvish with meaning
Fairy names with meaning for men and women

Fairy and Elven Name Generators:

Please share the names you get in the comments! My elven name is Anarane Luinwe and my fairy name is Meadow Hailfilter, and it says I protect and comfort the lonely. Awww...

This awesome website has a collection of elven phrases, both in English and Elvish. You can learn how to greet: "A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting", say goodbye: "Fair winds" or compliment: "Your heart is that of a lion". For moody moments, there is a list of insults too, such as "Go kiss an orc", "You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny" and "You smell like human".

Breath of Life

Uich gwennen na 'wanath ah na dhín.
An uich gwennen na ringyrn ambar hen.
Boe naid bain gwannathar,
Boe cuil ban firitha.

Boe naer gwannathach

Oo-eekh gwehn-nehn nah wah-nahth ah nah theen.
Ahn oo-eekh gwehn-nehn nah ring-ern ahm-bar hen.
Boh nide bine gwahn-nah-thar,
Boh koo-eel bahn fear-ee-thah.

Boh nire gwahn-nah-thakh


You are not bound to loss and silence.
For you are not bound to the circles of this world.
All things must pass away,
All life is doomed to fade.

Sorrowing you must go, and yet you are not without hope.

That song is so beautiful. I've been singing along to it all day. Haha, one of the elven insults was also: "You are king in your imagination". Markus appears to be a very real king though:

I once expressed to him my jealousy over his glorious crown but he said I need to defeat him in a tournament for him to give it up. Oops. Alrighty, I'm off to finish a song I'm working on, may thy paths be green and the breeze on thy back.

PS. Fairy ladies, I don't know about Legolas but yes, his royal elfness Mr MaxMoonbeam is single ;)

Aug 20, 2011

Cosmic Giveaway Winner!!

So we had the cosmic giveaway going on until my birthday today! The heartwarming prices are:

New, acoustic Automatic Loveletter CD and a feather thingy I made.
And the winner is...

Please email or FB me your address, Manon! 
(my contact info is on the sidebar)

That's yours truly eating her birthday soup and going nuts about her new birthday hoop that my friend Andria made for me! Yay! Going out to dance tonight with roomie Lex. Tomorrow is Krishna Janmastami, or Krishna's "birthday". Will have to party hard tomorrow too. Oh life.

Aug 19, 2011

How to Find Cool Furniture :: SEE MY ROOM!!

About a week ago I moved to Philadelphia, right. When I carried all my stuff in the room I'm renting I realized I didn't have any shelves to put any of my stuff in. There's one closet but it filled up quickly. Considering my budget, I decided to head to the nearby Ikea to buy one or two cheap, sterile and boring looking flimsy excuses of a shelf.

Philip was still here helping me move in and we got into the van. He remembered seeing something by the side of the road earlier. It was pouring rain but after just driving two or three blocks, he spotted it. Three perfectly awesome, antique and beautiful pieces of furniture, left there for the garbage truck to pick up. We got out in the rain, got soaked, and scored all the furniture I needed for my room. So. Thank you to Whomever is in charge of this arrangement. Thank you Philip and Lex for carrying it all upstairs to my room.

In short, here is how to find cool furniture:

1. Keep your eyes open.
2. Get lucky.
3. Have someone help you carry it.
4. Say 'thank you'.
5. :)
Here are some, ahem, stylishly grainy pictures of my nest.

Aug 18, 2011

Soviet Union :: My Song About Breaking Up

Update in the world of my relationship with P. taking a different direction. We've been best friends for the past four years and will continue to be so - perhaps we'll be even better best friends now that we, two loud Leos with quite opposite natures, are not confined in a van all year round, both under a considerable amount of stress from constant traveling, etc.

So. I'm feeling Excited and Happy about the new separated situation of me living in a house while he continues to travel. Of course, it is also a very sad and difficult time since we're used to living two inches from each other, 24/7. But we came to this conclusion mutually, smilingly, cryingly, jokingly, seriously and laughingly and in many ways, none of which were hostile or anything like that.

I just had to give all the above disclaimers because this song is a heavily dramatized version of what's going on. But still, I got some feelings out through it. And yes, it includes my signature "harmonies".

Soviet Union by Omwoods

Aug 17, 2011

Bohemian Home Decoration Awesomeness

I've now lived in my Philly home for a week! A few days ago I came across these super beautiful, inspirational home decor photos from these two blogs I follow, Too Cute Things and Itkupilli Inspirations.

Of course it takes a long time and many lucky finds to create a space like in these photos... But I scored a couple of interesting things already and my fairy shelf is looking pretty crowded too. I'll take pics soon and let you all see :)

Aug 12, 2011

God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me :: CocoRosie

There's no limit to how much I love these two sisters, Bianca and Sierra (or Coco and Rosie as their mother nicknamed them), and the four albums they recorded (so far). Talk about perfect intelligent, beautiful, atmospheric, dark, imaginative and touching crystal light fairy music.

"Crystal light shine down on us
God has a voice she speaks through me
Every creature longs to be
In his arms please carry me"

(Full lyrics here. Stills from the video.)

Aug 10, 2011

Ocean Soul :: Exquisite Photographs!

Again, my beautiful sisters in beautiful ocean action. Kaisu the sea faery, photographed by Minna Kulmala. Guest star Rebel in the last pic. I just love these photos so much. So peaceful, serene, mystical, regal, emotional. The last I heard from Minna was that she's in France, hitchhiking and hopping trains with some friends, heading to a Rainbow Gathering in Portugal. Safe travels :) and take a lot of photos!!

"for whatever we lose (like a you or a me),
it's always our self we find in the sea."
e.e. cummings