Feb 21, 2012

Two Fairy Houses :: Fairy Tea House & Earth Fairy House

I made fairy houses! If you could use some magickal company, one option is to place a faery dwelling in your home and soon enough someone wonderful (or two or three?) will inhabit it.

Full view of the house. 'Fairy Lamps' is a mysterious and pretty song from a 1914 song book.

Little mandala art I made.

Interesting art on the walls of the pixie lounge. Also, space for adding any fae items one may wish, or you can put your fairy here if you have figurines and such. The petal is a book holder for miniature fairytales.

'Something Nice to Look At' and 'The Pie and the Patty-Pan' by Beatrix Potter. The former is written in excellent rhyme :)

Adorable vintage kitty! And Charming poetry on this page! :P

Step into the mystery and attract a bright spirit to bless your home, and to enjoy this shabby chic Fairy Tea House!

Oh and there's another apartment available:

A natural, wondrous fairy house for a calm and earthy spirit to come live here.

Baby deer ready to play with the fairy (or fairies).

Dragonfly guarding the magic crystal! Picture is not doing it justice here, sorry. The crystal is not glued so you can pick it up and carry with you if you want.

Leaf bed. Cone is there for holding the fairy's jewelry when she sleeps. Also she can hide whatever secret things she has in the depths of the cone.

Bedside reading. This is from the Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle by Beatrix Potter. Exciting story and lots of cool pictures.

Feather bottle to store magic faery dust in.

Another book, The Frolicsome Kittens, written in rhyme and illustrated beautifully.

Charms that you can wear as a necklace! They will jingle a little bit as you move and remind you of your resident fairy throughout the day.

These houses are yours if you want! One or both. Pay what you think is fair! y!

Much love.

Feb 19, 2012

What I'm Actually Doing

A little something I posted on my Facebook the other day :)

Feb 17, 2012

Meditations in My New Corset

I turned on my laptop and the wireless wasn't working. I thought, "Oh God, the wireless antenna is broken again. It will cost hundreds to fix. I can't do any of my computer work for many days. OMG."

Then I was like, waaait a second. Something unexpected just happened that I perceived as unpleasant. My gut instinct was to nearly pray, "Oh Powers That Be, don't let this thing be broken". Well I actually consciously don't pray for this type of things because that feels a bit…petty.

I restarted the computer and the wireless was fixed. "Thank God!" was my thought. I've been thinking about this for some time now actually. How silly of me to think of unpleasant obstacles or difficult situations as something I need to pray to be free of, or something to let get me down. How can I know that a 'stupid' thing that happens isn't a blessing??

Whether it's my karma burning, a nudge to some new direction, or whatever - I should be as grateful for a 'negative' thing as I am for a 'positive'. As a spiritual creature, I think of God often and do thank Him a lot when amazing things happen. But recently I've started to thank Him and feel gratitude while I'm brushing my teeth, or walking up stairs, or when nothing is really happening. Those moments are just as amazing because He is just as present.

Am I making any sense? Do you like my corset? :)

Feb 7, 2012

Fairy Riley on Marketing

Meet Riley!

She's hilarious! Don't trick us girls into buying pink stuff! :D