Mar 30, 2012

Key Tree Expedition

I was playing in the park the other day, collecting sticks and stones for faerycraft projects and taking photos of marvelous trees and flowers. I had this old key in my pocket that perfectly matches with trees, don't you think? Creates stories.

Mar 21, 2012

Sisältäni Portin Löysin :: I Found a Gate Within Myself

Remembering my dad. Three years ago today he passed on. In his obituary we wrote a verse from a song that was special to him, Sisältäni Portin Löysin by Pekka Streng. Below is an English translation of the lyrics. Pekka Streng was a Finnish progressive rock singer/songwriter who passed away in the 1975, of cancer, when he was 26 years old.


I found a gate within myself,
almost unnoticeable.
When I rise through it in silence
I see another world.

I notice the beautiful colors,
I hear the brighter voices.
I leave the chordless caves,
I leave the staggering shadows.

Something radiates and sparkles
even underneath the bleakest shell.
Seeing it, my thoughts
move lighter.

Our colors flow up
and melt together.
Everything touches each other,
everything reaches out for the morning.


Sisältäni portin löysin 
melkein huomaamattoman. 
Kun sen läpi hiljaa nousen, 
näen toisin maailman. 

Värit kauniit vasta huomaan, 
kuulen äänet kirkkaammat. 
Jätän soinnuttomat luolat, 
jätän varjot hoippuvat. 

Jokin säteilee ja loistaa 
alta kuoren synkänkin. 
Kun sen huomaa, kevyemmin 
ajatukset liikkuvat. 

Meidän värit ylös virtaa 
ja yhteen sulautuu. 
Kaikki toistaan koskettaa, 
kaikki aamuun kurkottuu.

Mar 17, 2012

Spring Ramble

Ooo I've been busy! Which is nice! I like to do things! :) As far as work-play goes, I made an Etsy shop for Eye's Gallery called Eye's Vintage. I took photos of cool vintage jewelry and modeled some too, for example this African pendant:

Love it! I just came back home from hooping and drumming with Daniel in a nearby park. Spring and summer are here in one warm bright shiny explosion! The other day I celebrated and purchased two used books: Ariel - Poems by Sylvia Plath and Tulips & Chimneys by e.e. cummings. YEAHH!! This is part 5 of cummings' "La Guerre":

O sweet spontaneous
earth how often have
            fingers of
prurient philosophers pinched
, has the naughty thumb
of science prodded
      beauty     .how
often have religions taken
thee upon their scraggy knees
squeezing and
buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive
to the incomparable
couch of death thy
        thou answerest
them only with

I met with Wendy Laudiak who's a yoga teacher and gourmet vegan chef. She's having a yoga and self-exploration adventure in Costa Rica in June, I made a yellow and to-the-point poster for her :)

Speaking of yellow, I've decided to always have flowers at home simply because they are so wonderful. There's a florist around the corner and their chrysanthemum bouquet is 4 dollars and you get free greenery with it.

That's Green Tara in the background, who personifies compassion.
I contemplated this for a while and concluded that flowers are one of the wisest investments one can make. Who is not brought happiness by seeing flowers? ??? ?? ?

Sylvia Plath, I guess. Her poem 'Tulips' is so touching and her word combinations are so crazy, you should read it..

I've been obsessed with decorating for a couple of weeks now. I love everything that's going on in the home decor pics above. A part of my obsession has to do with my new side-career as a painter. Yes, I was hired by a painter with life-time's experience to assist in the painting of Philly zillionaire's walls. When I started I had never even held a wall-painting brush and never paid attention to quality of painted walls but now after four days of painting, I can't stand the horrendous paint job at my apartment, or pretty much anywhere I go :P Yes I now inspect the walls wherever I go. !!?

Besides decorating, I've recently totally fallen in love with vintage stuff. Not just jewelry and clothing but some seemingly unnecessary things too. Like old wooden boxes, books, home decorations, frames, magazines... Check out this Life magazine from September 1968 that I picked up from my next-door thrift store's free box:

Did I introduce you to this lady? She sits on the window sill of our art/mess room and looks pretty with her Tulasi and Rudraksha meditation beads and (again) vintage blouse.

On her left side is my mermaid lamp :) And bunch of wallpaper scraps. I went to a wallpaper store to rummage through the scraps for art projects and Paul, the owner, gave me them for free so I can make collages and put them for sale in the store. How awesome is that!

Happy marching through March! Who knows how your life will change because of what you do today or tomorrow! Or the next minute! Words of wizdum from Bhakti the Easter Egg!

Mar 4, 2012

Bohemian Romantic Pregnant Faery Fashion in the Snow

My sister Minna photographed the cover and eight page spread for the Finnish baby magazine 9 Kuukautta, or '9 Months'. Faerie girl Mani modeled her own natural, bohemian, feminine designs as well as jewelry and a couple pieces of clothing from Oona Elena of Moonalia.

These photos are so stunning I'm not going to even say anything except OMG OMG WOW OMG beautiful amazing lovely wonderful magical magical OMG!! Respekt for Minna for capturing the moments and lots of warm exciting wishes and congratulations for Mani and Flo for their baby girl about to arrive. 


More photos on Minna's page. And for God's and Goddesses sakes, like her on FB! While you're at it, like me too, if you'd like :) Much slushy snowy love.