Jun 30, 2012

Recent Realizations as a Girl

Just yesterday I realized this: there's no use in worrying about one's supposed fatness as long as you feel good and healthy. I sometimes put on a dress and look in the mirror and go: "Yikes I look fat in this…" and then change the dress. That's so stupid. Why stress out about this?

I'll be 28 in August, right now my body is at its healthiest, why should I worry about the body now when later I'll have real issues to worry about, when I'm like 85 or so. Not yet, lol!! Now it just makes sense to be perfectly happy and grateful.

Another thought I recently had: sometimes when I see pretty girls in the street or advertisements, I feel envy of some sort. It's silly! People are beautiful! Why not just be jubilant about seeing another soul's beauty shine through! And I should compliment them on the spot since statistically they probably have insecurities too and a few nice words go a long way.

I've heard 99% of the girls and women I've known in my life express their unhappiness with their body at some point. Or all the time. But there's no mold I, you or anyone else needs to fit! Yay! Breaking news! (to me, it seems) And it's so sad when you feel you can't eat anything or have to throw up after eating. People whom I know who do this are really, really pretty as they are and I wish they didn't feel the need to do it <3 

Anyways. So glad I think I finally got this. Like, it clicked. Maybe because I'm getting older I'm getting wiser? Yay!!!!!!!

Jun 25, 2012

Moomin Quotes :: "It'd be awful if the world exploded, it's so wonderfully splendid"

“'What is it?' said Moomintroll. Discoveries were his very favourite thing (after mysterious paths, swimming and secrets, that is)."

Well it's a Moomin book I just finished reading, called Muumipeikko ja pyrstötähti (Comet in Moominland)! It's such a delightful, thoughtful and fun children's book, written in 1955 by Finnish author Tove Jansson. I grew up watching it as cartoon on TV and I remember being scared of hattivattis:
The Hattivattis are tall, thin, ghost-like creatures, resembling long white socks. They have round neckless heads with two round eyes. Below their heads on either side are four or five finger-like projections that resemble hands. They are silent and serious, having neither the ability to talk nor to hear, but in contrast, their sense of feeling is extremely accurate, and they can sense even the most minor tremblings of the ground. They communicate seemingly by telepathy, and their eyes change colour with the sky. They also seem to be melancholic characters. However, despite physiologically resembling animals, Hattivattis grow from seeds. Planting Hattivatti seeds where someone has taken up residence is an effective way to get rid of him or her. (Wikipedia)

In this episode Moomin family adopts a shy girl who turned invisible because her aunt was so "cold and sarcastic" to her. The Moomins try to make her visible again by being loving to her. In the process they give her grandma's magic remedy, go mushroom picking and Stinky, a forest creature, harasses the invisible girl. 

I just watched this and now have to find the next episode, it got quite captivating! :P

The coolest thing about the Moomins in my opinion is that the characters are so entertaining (which comes across better in the books than in the cartoon). It feels like each character represents a different school of philosophy. In Comet in Moominland, one character called the Muskrat is a miserable, lethargic nihilist philosopher. On a rainy night the Moomins wake up to sounds of complaining and sighing and find a wet, black-eyed creature outside their house who explains, "I am Muskrat. Not that it matters. But the bridge you built has destroyed my home by the river. Of course - it is insignificant for a philosopher whether he lives or dies - but having caught a cold it is uncertain what will happen to me..." And the Moomins offer him a bed to sleep in - which he doesn't particularly care for since "beds are unnecessary pieces of furniture" but Muskrat still accepts their offer.

Another one of my favorites is Nuuskamuikkunen or Snufkin - a chill, zen-like wanderer, poet and musician. Here are some word of wisdom from him:

One can never be truly free if one admires others too much.

“I’ll come when it suits me” said Snufkin, “perhaps I shan’t come at all. I just may set off in another direction entirely.” 

Walking was easy because his rucksack was almost empty and he didn’t have to worry about anything. Snufkin was pleased with the forest, the weather and himself. Tomorrow and yesterday were equally distant from him now, for just at that moment the bright red sun was shining down from between the birch trees, and the air was cool and mild.

“I live all over the place” answered Snufkin, and put the coffee pot on the fire. “Today I happen to be here. Tomorrow I will be somewhere else. I wander about as I please. When I find a place I like, I pitch my tent and play my harmonica.”

No one spoke. Then Snufkin said slowly “It would be awful if the world exploded. It is so wonderfully splendid."

“You can believe what you want” said Snufkin, blithely.

Snufkin wandered about southwards, stopping to pitch his tent from time to time and to let the time pass. He travelled without a plan, looking about him without much thought, remembering nothing and sleeping a great deal.

I know. Everything gets so difficult if you want to own things. You have to carry them around and watch over them. I just look at them - and then when I continue on my way I can remember them in my head. I prefer that to dragging a suitcase.

I own everything I see and everything that please me. I own the entire world.

Snufkin picked up the hut made of spruce branches and threw it into the juniper bushes. “That’s what you should do with a house after you’ve lived in it”, he said.

Björk reads Moomin books to her kids and says that Snufkin was her favorite too. She composed the Comet Song for a 3D Moomin movie:

Have an exciting week full of discoveries, mysterious paths, secrets and such! I'll leave you with this fabulous inspiration from Snufkin:

"Today we must do something very special, for it will be a glorious day."

Jun 19, 2012

Neon Radiation :: New Piktruez

I painted and drew and glued on some photos I've taken! So much fun. OMG. Will do more.
Speaking of getting from A to Z and imagination: me and Daniel are moving this fall - somewhere with more nature around than Filthydelphia. We haven't decided 100% where we're going to move so any suggestions would be splendid. We're thinking: Northern Cali, Oregon, North Carolina (Chapel Hill area). Edit: Yay! Looks like NC is winning. I'm now accepting job offers from NC :P

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love." Henry Drummond

Jun 16, 2012

Eye's Gallery Super Duper Video Goof Off Extravaganza Love Commercial

My friend James made a little web commercial for Eye's Gallery, the store I work at here in Philly. You can spot me whispering to a four-armed Deity, holding a vase on my head, playing a drum, and of course, jumping up and down in a tutu! :)

I love working in Eye's Gallery except for the fact that I barely get paid anything since I spend a significant part of my paycheck right there... As a matter of fact I'll be there until 8pm today, if you're in Philly come say hi!

Jun 15, 2012

One of Those Cosmic Electric Blue Unicorn Cupcake Panda Days

"All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the morning to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they dream their dreams with open eyes, and make them come true.
" D.H. Lawrence

Jun 14, 2012

Aelita Andre :: My New Favorite 5-year-old Tutu Wearing Painter

Aelita Andre is a 5-year-old Australian prodigy painter fairy loving girl who splashes paint around abstractically and sticks little toys and marbles and jewelry in her paintings. Agora Gallery in New York will show her solo exhibition, called Secret Universe, from June 12 to July 3rd. I wanna go!!!!

Aelita, 2, at work

Lapis Lazuli (Dragon with Gemstone in Mouth), when Aelita was 1 year old

Blue Pegasus, 2009 - at 2 years old

Genie, 2009

Aelita at 5 years old

Butterfly Rain

Island Princess, 2012

Paleontologist Footprint Dinosaur Nesting Grounds, 2012

String City, 2012

Island of Fairies, 2012

Very inspiring!! Now I want to go to an art store and get some acrylics! Oh-oh! And fly off to an island of fairies! <3

Jun 9, 2012

Nordic Sami People Fashion Rip Off - I mean Inspiration :: and Finnish National Costume Infatuation

The other day I fell prey to some enchanting Free People tops and visited the neighboring Urban Outfitters too. There was this one dress that caught my eye, called 'Staring at Stars Linen Blanket Stripe Dress'.

The reason it struck a chord with me is that it resembles the traditional Sami dress so much. Sami (or Saami) are the indigenous people of Lapland in northern Finland, Sweden and Norway. Being from Finland, I kind of felt this dress would be like wearing a national costume when I parade around and live my funny life here in the US.

A Swedish designer Emma Lundgren has a collection called 'Samilight' that's inspired by her Nordic roots and the Sami clothing. Cool thing about her pieces is that they're made from recycled and sustainable materials like wool, wood, cupcake molds (!!) and such.

Pretty wild, no? I thought about this recently: I want a Finland traditional national costume to wear :) I used to have one when I was a kid, my grandmother made it. It was regional to the middle-northern area of Finland and specifically the city of Ii (where a part of my 'ancestry' comes from). The dress had many pieces: a skirt, an apron, a shirt, a red head band, a vest... I'm going to Finland this summer - perhaps I can score something folky and traditional there. Something awesome like this:

Ooo, I just remembered that my mom has a costume that's actual adult size. Hey mom, get it ready for me ok!! :D With the bonnet (hilkka-hattu) and all!

Jun 2, 2012

Manosh Arora :: Psychedelic Dramatic Fantasy-Inspired Designs

How have I not heard of Manosh Arora before?? I was going through Hel-looks (site for Helsinki street styles) and saw the name of this designer. Manosh Arora is sometimes called the John Galliano of India :P   Seeing his crazy, fantastical, happy, color burst clothes you'll understand why...

"Fashion should be dramatic—what's the point of wearing something black and getting lost in the crowd? Fashion should make you stand out, not the opposite." Arora


I want all of these. Om tat sat.