Jul 28, 2012

Suomi Shrine :: To Remember Finland By

Sooo me and my elf just visited Finland (Suomi in Finnish) for three weeks. Right after we got back I started unpacking all the nature, art and jewelry treasures we brought back with us and quite magically they assembled themselves in a corner of our living room!

But now I'm going to tell you news that shocks my Nordic genes to their core and makes my Suomi Shrine pale into black and white. !!!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Remember when I said we're moving to North Carolina? Well scratch that. At the end of August we're moving to... 

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA! Dayumm! I'm super excited about the adventures ahead. At the same time I'm terrified about the fact that I need to take all my belongings there on an airplane. Some serious downsizing about to go down in Bhaktiworld. That being said, keep an eye out for my Facebook - I think I'll have an online bazaar there pretty soon with all types of crazy craft items, strange home decor preciousnesses, lots of clothes and some fascinating furniture. Many things for free, if you can pick them up or help with the shipping.

Needless to say, I'm off to organizing! xo

Jul 27, 2012

New Cocorosie Song :: We Are On Fire

Cocorosie have a couple of new songs that just came out, We Are On Fire (below) and Tearz for Animals. Beautiful!! Ethereal!! Artistic!! Hardcore Faery!!

Cocorosie: We Are On Fire

A marvel light, a daze of gold 
Tears of a grass widow 
When I was young, I thought I’d be 
more than just a fantasy 
I wanna be this, I wanna be that 
A big black dog with the soul of a cat 
The blue-eyed doe, inside on me 
He won’t leave, he’s buried deep 

I used to have eyes, the colour of sky 
Now I can see, in the middle of the night 
I used to have eyes, the colour of sky 
Now I can see, in the middle of the night 

If I told you, would you believe 
My soul is wicked, I’m a thief 
They'd all burned me, 1690
It was a deadly night shade, which finished me 
Now I’m haunting and I’m looming round 
The old church yard and the damn dog pound 
I'm giving some hell and I’m feeling free 
Never was more than a fantasy 
But I fly at night and by your candlelight 
My shadow has you window 

I used to have eyes, the colour of sky 
Now I can see, in the middle of the night 
I used to have eyes, the colour of sky 
Now I can see, in the middle of the night

Jul 25, 2012

Finland Sauna & Jamming Night

Had a lovely time when Finnish friends came over for sauna, music and yummy foods!

Hooping with Birk! Birk is Minttu's son - she took all these pics.

Chilling from the sauna, perhaps planning to go hoop naked to further...chill?

Minna observing the hoopers before joining them with a wild somersault :)
Kaisu in the back holding Mani's fae baby Morgana.

What happens in Finland, stays in Finland :)

Then some post-sauna jamming!

Kirtan action!

Thanks friends for coming over, hope to see you soon!!! Next year!!

We just got back to Philadelphia... and will move out from Philly by the end of August!
The destination has changed, not North Carolina anymore, but to the west...
More later! Sleep now! xoxo zzz....

Jul 17, 2012

Yellow Forest Faery Warrior Hybrid :: Forest Invitation

Model: Kaisu
Photos: Minna
Styling & crazy make up: me

With the gentle yellow giant :)

PS. We're having a sauna evening on Thursday here in Pornainen, Finland - friends are invited, let me or Minna know if you want to come!

Jul 12, 2012

Nature Magic Mandala

Me and Daniel made a magical nature mandala outside today with feathers, gems, flowers, shells, cones, moss and such. Right now we're sitting in the living room and mom is showing Daniel how to make dreamcatchers. He just finished his first one. Our stay here in Finland has been a string of magical moments. I personally think that every-day things can be tremendously magical, just like unexpected or seemingly unpleasant things too. Life is magical. By definition, no? Because who can explain life. It all comes down to Big Magic.

"Those who see worldly life as an obstacle to Dharma see no Dharma in everyday actions. They have not yet discovered that there are no everyday actions outside of Dharma." Dogen (1200-1253)

Jul 8, 2012

Finland Saga Continues :: Wild Strawberries and Sauna

Mom took us to her forest spot for picking wild strawberries that are super delicious! The traditional way to collect them is to string them to a straw :) We also visited my aunt Tuula's house today and had a lovely time - here she shows us how to play a big kantele.

Above is a view from Tuula's family sauna we checked out earlier today. I'm really fascinated with old Finnish rustic buildings, tapestries and design of everyday artifacts now that I've had some distance from them - it's a really attractive, natural and uniquely beautiful esthetic and I'm going to take more photos of it during my time here.

Yes, tonight Daniel had his first Sauna experience here at our house. Above we're chilling between the heat in a room next to the sauna. My childhood home was built about 80 years ago and we have a separate sauna building on the backyard. This is the view of our house from the sauna: 

It's 10pm and it's bright out like it's 4pm, I'm still not re-used to the lightness! But am loving it!!

Jul 7, 2012

Arrived in Finland :: Went to Forest

Arrived in Finland!

We'll stay here until July 25th and I have a feeling that lots of magical moments will manifest during these weeks! Already we made a trip to Nuuksio national park, picked wild strawberries and blueberries in the forests, swam in lakes and had a tour in my bohemian grandmother's mansion! :)

Of course, we posed with Moomins at the Helsinki airport.

Here me and sister Kaisu just hugged and are all teary-eyed, and now she meets Daniel for the first time.

Kaisu has a shaved flower in her hair. Every two weeks she wants a different image on her head.

Elf ascends.

Raisin and almond picnic on a rock with Sundara, Kaisu and Minna.

Kaisu made my hair <3

The cat, Bindi, was doing crazy things in the back yard and mom and us are laughing.

I get to play my old white piano!


The view from our window at midnight. It's light out all the time!

We're having a stupendous time adventuring in forests and hanging out with my family. Absolutely loving it. Feels so good to be home and in nature. Expect wild strawberry picking pics soon!