Oct 30, 2012

Meet the World With Your Inner Self :: You Evil Cupcake

Ummm I didn't get to dressing my walls as I planned but since I thought it's Halloween today I did dress myself up as an evil cupcake. At the same time these are normal every day faery clothes so whatevers I'll get to dress up again tomorrow :)

I've been reading The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo before sleep and this touched me last night: 

"There is a wind that keeps blowing since the beginning of time, and in every language ever spoken, it continues to whisper, You must meet the outer world with your inner world or existence will crush you. If inner does not meet outer, our lives will collapse and vanish. Though often we think that hiding our inwardness will somehow protect or save us, it is quite the opposite. The heart is very much like a miraculous balloon. Its lightness comes from staying full. Meeting the days with out heart prevents collapse."

And this is the accompanying exercise:

"Center yourself and breathe slowly and deeply.
As you breathe, feel your lungs fill and empty like a balloon.
As you breathe, realize that your heart is filling and emptying itself of an inner air.
During your day, let this inner air meet the world whenever you feel overwhelmed."

So whether it's Halloween or just the day before or any day in any galaxy, let's meet it with an open, fearless heart balloon! Because why not! Those are my pumpkin words of wisdom. Now if I can just find candy that's not full of blue 1, red 40, gmo cornstarch, dextrin, high fructose corn syrup - and other poisonous crap - the trick and treaters in my block will get something else than trail mix which I'm beginning to doubt will not cut it. I was out looking for candy today but forgot where Whole Foods is, that was a problem. I need more sleep maybe :D

Dress Your Wall :: Alternative Home Decor

Do you ever look around at home and feel like your walls are too naked? And that they could use... something? This is a genius idea. Put clothes on them. In my opinion, the crazier the clothing, the better. I'll actually do this later myself, I have a couple of dresses in mind, but right now it's 4:20am and I'm still up working on the computer. Oops! Dressing walls will have to wait until "morning". That's noon. This first yellow pic is the one that really got me inspired:

The pics are googled from here and there. I had to add the one with the branch rack - what a great idea. When me and my walls wake up and get dressed tomorrow (umm later today), I'll post our own pics.

Oct 29, 2012

Everywhere :: Ubiquitous Photo Shoot with Laura

Today I went to the desert with our housemate Laura who's wanted to experience the Red Rock Canyon since she moved to Las Vegas in February. The hike had an omwoodsy twist to it and there was more of nature magic photo shoot than actual hiking. Next time lol!

Laura is originally from the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. She worked in Germany for the US military before moving to Vegas. Her favorite word is 'ubiquitous' which means something that's present everywhere. She's never modeled or anything before, I made her do it :) And she looks so pretty.

Light blue feather/leaf dress: handmade vintage, for sale at BOHOPAGE
Necklace: mine, got it from Eye's Gallery in Philadelphia
The vintage fabric: found at flea market in Philly
Stone: one of my recent obsessions - painting stones!
More photos from these moments on my Facebook.

This thought danced into my head today: If you dear reader flower or flowerette make clothes or jewelry or fascinating little items and would like me to take photos of them for spreading your name and craft via my blog posts and Facebook, let me know! I could afterwards do a give-away with the item. My email is omyourself [[[at]]] gmail.com -- this way I can play faeries and arts with more people and what's more interesting than that. Then you maker can have more eyeballs see your treasures. 

Until tomorrow! :: Tuning into the Ubiquitous ::

Oct 27, 2012

Desert Mystics :: Red Rock Canyon Photo Shoot Magic

My angel Daniel and I went to Red Rocks again and took some photos of each other. Letting the magical mystical desert spirit fill us and move us...

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." Eden Phillpotts

"This world, after all our science and sciences, is still a miracle; wonderful, inscrutable, magical and more, to whosoever will think of it.” Thomas Dekker

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."
Roald Dahl

"From wonder into wonder existence opens." Lao Tzu

I'm so in love with how I can dress up and take photos together with Daniel. Isn't he a super elven model?? The rest of the photos will go on my Facebook today or tomorrow. For now, wishing you an extraordinarily enchanting weekend! xoxo

Oct 25, 2012

Current Reading :: Magick and Vedas

The bottom book's full name is: American Veda - From Emerson and the Beatles to Yoga and Meditation - How Indian Spirituality Changed the West. I jumped first to the Hare Krishna pages because that's my mantra chanting cup of tea :)

In my experience, so much excitement, discovery and fairy tale takes over your life the minute you remember that oh, yes, I'm on this planet and in a little galaxy and my life has a purpose and I'm an interesting being, not just this body, so who knows what I am. Who knows how universe works. I always try to pay attention to these things and books can be reminders: stop! go deeper! look what's really happening! think! let go of ideas! see in a new way! yay!

"Worrying about our problems can keep us stuck; worrying about other people can be harmful to others and keep them stuck. When we worry about someone, we send a negative prayer directly to that person. On a clairvoyant level, worrying looks like your head is surrounded by knots, and you send these knots to whomever you worry about. If you sen negative prayer to someone, you are affirming his or her weakness. It does not help: in fact, it has the potential of making things harder. You may think that you're sending energy, but you are pulling it away. The concern that you feel when you worry is poisonous to both you and the person you're worried about. Just think about someone you know who worries about you. How does it feel? Not very good, right?" - from Life Magic by Laura Bushnell

I don't have the book open right now to get the full sentence but I just love that combination of words: "If you really had the magickal... little things would not bother you." YES ☯

Oh and guess what?! I found a guitar for 25 dollars in a thrift store!

Oct 24, 2012

Found Two Forgotten Funland Video Clips Today

I had this forest faery warrior hybrid photo shoot with my sisters last July in Finland. I found two tiny video clips from that day on a forgotten memory card and that made me miss Minna and Kaisu... They're both traveling around Europe in their respective vans and gypsy mobiles. Kaisu is heading to Spain and I'm not sure where Minna is, last time I talked with her she was in Italy.

Kaisu jumps on the rock and Minna goes Naama! which means 'face!' Then Kaisu laments that she laughs too much and can't keep a straight face. Minna says ok it doesn't matter... Moi is 'hi' in Finnish!

Since we're all about playing together, even or especially as grown ups too, the video inspired me to play with these images a bit now so I made these two fun yantra ones.

I actually went through more old stuff and found a billion video clips from the making of me and Kaisu's short movie Beyond All That I Touch with us running around forest barefoot in a mysterious story of heart-nature-spirit-quest. There were some great shots and views and I will make screenshots of them when I get the time to play next! Now it's work work work with web design stuff. But I'll see you tomorrow! xoxoxo

Oct 19, 2012

Color Therapy :: Turquoise

Turquoise increases intuition and sensitivity. Calms the mind, relaxes your thoughts, makes you forget about your stress and worries. Serenity. Humanity. Inspires creative expression, arts. Turquoise key words: idealism, utopian outlook, sympathy, empathy, childlike and optimism.

If you really like turquoise, it suggests that you don't want to be restricted, like the wide turquoise ocean… freedom... and that also you may keep your emotions hidden beneath the surface. A color for new beginning, renewal, new ideas, inventions, progressive and alternative ways. Turquoise teaches the heart the right direction.

If you have an aversion to turquoise, you might have a fear of learning technical things like computer and be out of touch with creative expression. Also, might have fear of expressing yourself in front of people and have a hard time communicating your emotions. To fix these, gaze into something turquoise! Hold a turquoise gem in your hand or in jewelry. Meditate. Dance. Draw. Jump around. Eat spinach. LOL I'm not sure what to do :) Maybe you're supposed to gaze into the opposite color? Umm.. I'm not an expert at this, was just curious and googled around a bit.

What got me curious about turquoise was actually this cute country western lolita sweetie pie vintage dress I put up on BOHOPAGE today:

It has fabulous swirlability. I'm so happy that our baby Etsy shop is getting sales, the past couple of days I've shipped vintage dresses to Australia, Hawaii, Spain, Oklahoma... Sweet! Maybe I should keep the above one to myself? Oh no I can't start going down that road :D

ૐ♡ Much Love ♡ૐ

Oct 15, 2012

Red Rocks :: Petrified Magic City Connection

I feel like my life is on a different level now that I made a desert mountain nature connection at the Red Rocks today. Daniel's friend Xander is visiting from LA and he took us rock climbing - it was fabulous.

Since we moved to Vegas a couple of months ago I've looked at the mountains in the horizon every day, hoping to touch them and climb them. They're so majestic, powerful and beautiful. And not very far away at all!

It's funny how you look at a mountain from a distance and think, oh I'm just going to walk up all the way to the top, piece of cake. The reality is that there are big boulders that you have to climb on top of and jump or slide down from, uphills where you shimmy up between two walls of a cavelike passage,  and steep drops into crevices that you really, really want to avoid. Often you have to turn back and look for another route because it's simply not possible to go a certain way. All this makes for great exercise and definitely does not make for an easy walk up the mountain, as I learnt!

Way up! The rock formations are amazing, there are little holes that you can put your fingers in for a good grip for climbing. Then there are bigger smooth holes or lounge areas in the rocks where you fit to sit or lay down and hide from the world. Fun! Then there are medium size smooth holes where you can stash treasures such as small rocks and twigs.

If you can see my subtle arrow illustration, that's the rock and highest spot we eventually climbed on. (To give the scale, the obscure white dot represents the size of both me and Daniel sitting there if we're both twice the size we really are.) It wasn't possible for me, a rock climbing first timer, to go any further than that. Even getting on that rock was a feat and as I was coming down from that particular rock, both Daniel and Xander were guiding me and ready to catch me in case I fell... There was a steep canyon-like crevice on the other side of the rock that you can't see from the picture and it scared me - my legs were shaking for a long time afterwards!

After I managed to descend from that big scary rock, a bunch of ant size tourists way down on the ground clapped because they saw the whole scenario of me lying on the rock and slowly making my way down with two people guiding my steps from underneath - it must have looked intense!

I actually suggested to Daniel that we make this a weekly adventure and go climb mountains every Sunday. Or Monday. Or whenever possible. I feel like I'm hooked now. There's something really fulfilling about the whole process. Not so much the achievement or excitement for me personally, but the fulfillment comes from just tumbling around in the dust and having to adapt to the rock's movements and feeling the earth.

On a pathway at the bottom of the rocks, Xander and Daniel walked right past a tarantula without noticing it - I of course was beyond myself to witness such an exotic creature and immediately took photos of the wild spider.

A pretty intense animal right?! Below is Xander on the mountain, and a quote from an 18th century German poet, Novalis.

 I full-heartedly agree - nature is a petrified magic city. That's the city I want to be a citizen of. And we're going back to the magic city tomorrow - there's another mountain we have our eye on!