Dec 28, 2012

DIY New Year's Dreams and Resolutions Jar :: So fairy and pretty OMG!!

I saw this idea on Free People's blog and fell in love with it: Collect little items that remind you of your specific plans, visions, dreams and resolutions for 2013 and place them in a jar. For example, if you want to go to nature more, put a pine cone in there. If you want to play music or sing more, put a page of musical notes. If you want to meditate more, put some gem that helps with that, or a little deity. Here's my items:

My Vision Dream Resolution Jar ingredients:
- incense, to burn more incense to create a sweet otherworldly atmosphere at home
- musical notes, to play and sing like never before :D
- shells and lace, to alter clothing by adding pretty things to them
- tea bag, to start drinking healthy teas a lot

- pine cone, to smell the trees and earth and air
- rectangular stone from Red Rock Canyon, to go climb mountains
- page from Krishna book, to read spiritual books
- mantra card and crystals, to sing kirtana and meditate
- little scissors, to sew with my new sewing machine!!
- a cosmic beautiful elven quote from Tolkien's book to increase magic in life

- green swirly things to increase magic and wonders
- text clippings about flying borderless and playing through life
- feathers and moss from Finland, to remind of my roots, to keep my feet on the ground, while flying :)
- laptop plug thingy, to learn more computer faery skills and to expand my web design next year

- my faery Mantra to oversee all these miracles happening and exploding into reality more and more
- herbal happy pills for PMS crankiness from India to remind me to keep minimizing toxic chemical intake in any way (food, make up, moisturizers, tooth paste, etc)
- rose petals from a rose my love Daniel gave me yesterday, for our love to grow and bloom forever and ever and ahhh
- green stone, I need to paint more stones! You can never have too many painted stones!
- 5 dollar lucky bill with pearls and a crystal, to spend money wisely, "What would God buy?" :)

- receipt from post office from shipping a shirt that just sold on my Etsy shop, to increase BOHOPAGE goodness and faerybusiness
- paint brush and pen, going to start painting again in 2013
- a baggie with Tibetan 'om mani padme hum' flags, to make friends here in Vegas in 2013 and maybe a best girlfriend too and give her the bag

When you're done filling the jar, place it in a spot in your room or house where you see it daily. Next to your bed, by the window, on your desk, above your fridge, in your fort, on the roof of your caravan, or whatever works!

Yay! Excited and jumping up and down about the new year, new adventures, discoveries, bloopers, lessons, growing, fun and yay!!! :D Much love!

Dec 21, 2012

Miracles Happen Every Day :: You Are One Just By Being

I got a message on Facebook from a friend who's planning hooping and wellness teaching ventures. I asked Terrin if it was ok for me to post a part of her message here on my blog and she replied "Of course!" and that "I would shout those words from a roof top naked if I thought it would help!" So here you go - inspirational, beautiful thoughts to brighten your weekend!

I want everyone to play. Play and laugh. Experience joy. I want everyone to know how amazing they are because miracles happen every day and they are one just by being. I want everyone to be in the moment. I want everyone to understand that wherever they are at this second in time is where they are and that is all they have to work with. There is no need to be so caught up in the past or the future or in anything that you cannot control.  
I want everyone to see how effective a change in perspective can be in nearly any situation. I want to show the world they they can fall, drop, trip, get stuck, get hurt, and fall down again and it's okay. It's in fact necessary because in turn they also succeed, achieve, demonstrate faith, catch, nurture, work through, pull off, balance out and completely pull amazing things out of seemingly nowhere. Random acts of awesome happen every second of every day. It is only what we choose to see that we see. In a world where seeing is believing, it is ineffective at best see anything other than balance. When you understand that there need be a drop to be a catch you begin to see the world with more meaning and purpose. Once the world has purpose you no longer question your own. It removes anxiety in a deeper way. This is a lesson I hope to teach so many. 
                                                                                                   -Terrin LaMontagne 

All the best wishes and vibes and magic to your plans and efforts Terrin!!

Dec 19, 2012

Winter Wonderland Vintage Collection :: Sneak Peek

These unique vintage dresses are coming to BOHOPAGE Etsy shop soon - here's a sneak peek for you! I set up a little "snowy" wonderland on our front porch and modeled all these pieces.

This is where I take almost all the clothing photos for BOHOPAGE. The side table with phone books on it is my photographer, Mr Shorty.

The blue white princess dress comes with matching bloomers :D I can't pick any favorites from the dresses (and the one sleeveless lace top, and the purple nightie), I love them all!! I love our new lanterns too. That's the extent of our Christmas decoration - some candles and lanterns.

OHHH I have to tell you, I got two packages yesterday, one from Spain and other from Finland - from my sister, and mom, xmas presents!! I opened only one and am exercising patience with the other. Minna (my sister) sent me a soft faery scarf that's on the. ..snowpile... on the photos, around the lantern. And a  beautiful poem in beautiful Finnish. And fabulous chocolate coconut thingies. Thank you Minna!!

My wish is that some year soon I can be together with my mom and both sisters at Christmas time. Not that any of us celebrates Christmas specifically but it's just naturally always been a time we're together. This year Minna and Kaisu both are in Spain, but separately I think, mom is in Finland, and I'm in Vegas... Our togetherness is of course never limited to physical closeness. ♥

Here's Kaisu peeking and Rebel hanging at Kaisu's RV window in Spain:

Here's Minna and Rebel having breakfast in Montenegro:

Here's a photo mom just sent me of our front porch in Finland. I wouldn't need to do my blanket-fake-snow-show over there!

Sooo what I was saying was. If you like any of the clothes, keep your eye on our Etsy and you can see more photos there soon! :)

Dec 15, 2012

I'm a Christmas Unicorn

I haven't posted in a while (10 days!) so here's a little note to say HI! I'm alive and splendid! Have just been busy with work loveliness. What I've been up to:

A new website and online store for juju salon & spa in Philly:

Newsletter ads for a jewelry company in North Carolina:

And a few other websites and sticker and label designs and this thing and that thing :) Also, I've been busy eating vegan gingerbread cookies my mom made and mailed to us from Finland. 

How much love is that?! A lot of love!! Me and Daniel went to see a play called Love Song with our friends last night at Cockroach Theatre here in Vegas. It was a really cool, intimate setting and the two hours went by very quickly as I was captivated by the actors and the story, and laughing a lot (it was a romatic comedy).

Here's us chicks:

And the dudes:

Daniel is so cute in his Super Nova shirt :) Before the play we walked around in the Arts Factory building and saw many galleries. I've recently got very inspired to paint and last night further inspired me to the point that today I acted on it: I spray painted with sparkly gold on two canvases that I dumpster dove, to cover the old paintings. Soon I'll paint something on them. I have no idea what will come of those, but I'll show you once they're done! I'm planning to eventually place them on that wall behind me, to reduce whiteness in the kitchen:

Speaking of gold, I've been listening to Gold & Silver album by Sufjan Stevens the whole evening - it's 58 xmas songs, very much sufjanified. Love it. This is playing in our jolly holly kitchen at the moment:

He has another cool song called Happy Karma Christmas - I'm wishing that to you, although I'll be back here before xmas again. We're all Christmas Unicorns!! :) Much love.

Dec 5, 2012

Give Away Winner :: Giving is Receiving

The winner of the give away... as randomly selected... is Amber! Your Shabby Shoes and Horizons prints will arrive soon! xoxo! Thanks to all who participated!

I've had a busy day working on website projects since I woke up, didn't even eat yet and it's dinner time, oops! I'm just happy that I get to do something I'm super passionate about for living :) A few minutes ago I went out to get some fresh air, and picked up the mail. What a delightful surprise - I got a little package from the Netherlands! Ingeborg from Athanasia Crafts made me a pair of barefoot sandals, in my favorite cosmic color combination of light blue, pink and purple. Yayyy!

As you can see I'm wearing one as a necklace today. Quite perfectly matches my earrings too. How fabulous. Thank you Ingeborg!!

In spirit of giving, giving giving! I'd like to help you give this simple little Lao Tzu quote print I made to someone who's day you'd like to brighten with a surprise! Just be the first to comment on this post and I'll contact you for the contact information of your friend or loved one and I'll mail the print directly to them with a litte note saying it's from you! :)

Dec 2, 2012

Give Away with Love :: Win 2 Photo Prints from BOHOPAGE

Nowdays when we're so used to digital photos everywhere, I was surprised to notice what a difference it makes to have Actual Photographs on your wall. They're awesome. They immediately add so much magical touch, extend your style, and transform the room atmosphere.

I made all the above prints, put them on our BOHOPAGE shop for sale, and just started a little give-away on Facebook while listening to Neil Young's Sugar Mountain live version from 1968 over and over. Love that song. You can comment on FB and take part in the give-away, or you can leave a comment here. Just include answers to these questions:

1. What's your favorite print in our shop
2. Which print would you get for someone as a gift?

I'll randomly draw the winner very soon on Wednesday 5th, and you'll get both prints :)

Oh I came up with a perfect slogan for our gypsybusiness: 

BOHOPAGE - certified Fairy Trade.

Haha! ;) Completely fair fairy trade! If you'd like to share the FB give-away post or this blog post link in your social network thingies, I'd fullheartedly appreciate your support. xoxo