Mar 20, 2013

Recent Creativenessityvity :: Namarie, Farewell

Here's a dress I'm making! Almost done. I have a bunch more skirts I've done and am planning a photo shoot in the near future, will then list on Etsy. I'm mainly making these for others because whenever I wear layered skirts and dresses that I make up, people always compliment and ask where I bought them... So, now I can say, here, in my faery shop :) 

Poor, helpful Sponge Bob!

Another creative fun is this Neptunian person that appeared on this golden canvas (the painting is not finished yet though). Next to her is a page from an old Lord of the Rings book, with an elven Farewell song on it. Farewell is namarie in Elvish. On this day, in 2009, we said farewell to my dad and he's been on my mind a lot. Here he is, at one of his favorite nature spots, in Finland, in the town where I'm from.

Right now I'm staying happy and blasting Ramones - which is something he used to do, and I know my mom is doing the same thing tonight at home in Finland :) 


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AVY said...

I wish I could make my own dresses too.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!